I always deny being a "photographer."

Whenever people ask, I usually say something like "real photographers are obsessed and make images every day." That's not me. But I do enjoy image-making when I'm in the mood and in the right place. Often that means when I'm on vacation or on an educational trip with a gaggle of student snapshooters.

I've created several on-demand books using my photographs, including "I Remember You," an autobiography of my early years in England that also uses found imagery, and "HT," a visual memoir of my six-year relationship with my late wife, Harriet. "Oregon 2014-16" was published on MagCloud in August 2016.


Once in a while I upload some images to Flickr, and that's the best place to look if you're interested.

Click on the photograph below to get there.

Oregon Country Fair, July 2016

Oregon Country Fair, July 2016